Logging results from Macro to excel or CSV file

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Logging results from Macro to excel or CSV file

Can anyone please help me regarding an issue that I am facing with setting up
exporting of results.

I have a stack of 3 frames which separate into separate images and then I am
analyzing using the  NanoJ-SQUIRREL plugin
<https://bitbucket.org/rhenriqueslab/nanoj-squirrel/overview>  . This allows
me to calculate RSP and RSE values for comparing among all pair combinations
of the 3 images. This will provide the RSP and RSE values in the same
results window. I want to proceed for batch processing with a macro but the
issue I am facing is that the results window gets updated for each pair of
RSP and RSE values.

Is there a way to add the new values to the next row and not update the same
row again and again so that I can save the entire table as a .csv or excel

Alternatively can I add an export step in my macro in between each RSP-RSE



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