Last 24hours to apply to NEUBIAS Training Schools (Porto, 14-17 Oct.)

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Last 24hours to apply to NEUBIAS Training Schools (Porto, 14-17 Oct.)

Julien Colombelli
Dear Bioimaging colleagues,

Last 24 hours to apply to the NEUBIAS training schools on Bioimage Analysis, to happen in Porto (PT) on Oct. 14-17th, 2019.

Don't miss this opportunity, especially if you work in a facility, TS13 is the last round of a Facility Staff school format under the current framework of NEUBIAS.

See more details below.



NEUBIAS, the Network of European BioImage Analysts (,
is delighted to announce two new Training Schools on BioImage Analysis:

    TS12 for Early Career Investigators (life scientists and facility staff).
    TS13 for Facility Staff (staff only, already comfortable with analysis workflows; focus is scripting with FIJI & Python)

The focus of the trainings will be on construction and automation of BioImage Analysis workflows, using as examples more than one toolbox and different exercises. The schools will be held in Porto, 14-17th of October 2019, hosted by IBMC/i3S and INESC TEC

NEUBIAS schools are an excellent opportunity to learn from many experts in Bioimage Analysis (we are expecting >20 specialists at the event) and “…a great mix of intensive learning and community networking” (former trainee testimonial!). The schools will include practical sessions and seminars on ImageJ for analysis and publication, scripting/macros in ImageJ and Python and session on ethics in image analysis and “work on own data”.

Applications are now open (TS12 = 25 seats, TS13 = 25 seats and ~10 trainers per school)

Within the COST framework (funders of NEUBIAS),
we will offer up to 7 travel grants per school to applicants who qualify.

Registration requires a “letter of motivation” (filled in application form) and later a confirmation of status.

    Application extended deadline: May 30, 2019
    Selection notification: Before the mid of June

More information about schools (programme & trainers) and venue, travel & lodge available at our website:

We kindly ask that you help us reach all potential interested applicants.

on behalf of all NEUBIAS members, of local organizers (Paula Sampaio and João Paulo Cunha) and programme organizers (Dominic Waithe, Bram van den Broek, Hanneke Okkenhaug, Arianne Bercowsky Rama, Jan Eglinger, Robert Haase),

On behalf of NEUBIAS Training Organizers Gaby Martins and Fabrice Cordelières.

NEUBIAS is an European network of >230 members and 41 countries, which aims to promote the communication between Life Scientists, Instrumentalists, Developers and BioImage Analysts and to establish and promote the role of Bioimage Analysts in Life Science. Our mission includes:

    A training programme for 3 different target audiences:”Early Career” researchers, (core) Facility Staff and Bioimage Analysts (running until 2020 - expected 400 trainees and 15 training schools).
    Promote different yearly events (NEUBIAS Conference, workshops, training schools, Taggathons)
    Online Resources: Repository of tools and workflows e.g., Benchmarking and Sample datasets, Training material and Open Textbook.
    A Short Term Scientific Mission mobility programme for Scientists to visit Host Labs and get in depth insights into cutting edge Image Analysis technology.
    A “ITC conference grants” programme to support travel for Early career Investigators from Inclusiveness Target Countries to present their work at conferences.
    Outreach material.
    … more at

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