Job offer: Image Analysis / Machine Learning Dev. in Munich

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Job offer: Image Analysis / Machine Learning Dev. in Munich

Mario Emmenlauer-3
Currently three positions open!

We are a Munich-based small enterprise with a team of international
researchers and developers that create a novel image analysis, machine
learning and data mining platform. Our solution is used by bio-medical
researchers and health care providers to uncover cellular processes in
microscopy based experiments. A key focus of our work is to develop
latest image analysis and machine learning research into robust and
efficient solutions for our customers. If you enjoy creating high
quality software then we look forward to hearing from you!

Jobs available:
 * *Sr. Image Analysis and Machine Learning Software Developer* (m/f).
 * *Sr. Image Analysis and Machine Learning Software Developer* (m/f).
 * *Jr. or Intern Image Analysis Software Developer* (m/f).

Start: Immediately
Location: Munich, Germany

You will develop image analysis methods in Java, C++, and/or Python,
build new software components, design and implement image analysis and
machine learning methods, overcome the limitations of current hard- and
software with novel solutions, and shape the tools that drive new insight
into biology and medicine.

We provide a competitive salary, financial benefits, good career
prospects, a friendly working atmosphere, and exciting projects to work
on. International workers welcome, flexible working hours possible, home
office possible. Interested developers may continue an academic track
record and participate in research and publications in image analysis,
biology, medical research or bioinformatics.

Our ideal candidate has:
 * Ph.D. or Diploma/MSc plus 3 years experience in Computer Science or
 * Excellent programming skills in C++, Java, Python and Matlab.
 * Prior experience in machine learning, deep learning, high performance
   computing, GPU programming, bio-medical image analysis method development,
   and experience in 3D multi-channel time-series analysis.
 * Good knowledge of software design patterns and agile software development.
 * Previously worked with cross-platform development on Windows, Linux, MacOS
   using continuous integration, cmake, git, and a modern software stack.
 * Ability and interest to develop stable software solutions and to address
 * Good communication skills in German and English (written and spoken).
 * A creative, proactive and collaborative disposition of mind.

For questions, inquiries or to submit your application please contact
M. Emmenlauer at [hidden email]. A short CV and informal
application letter are sufficient. Links to prior software development
(including links to code) are appreciated.

All the best,

    Mario Emmenlauer

BioDataAnalysis GmbH, Mario Emmenlauer     Tel. Office: +49-89-74677203
Balanstr. 43                          mailto: info *
D-81669 Munich                 

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