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Gregory James
Dear ImageJ mailing list,

I am new to the ImageJ mailing list so please forgive me if this issue has already been discussed.

I am a medical physicist in a nuclear medicine (imaging) department. I have been using ImageJ for many years performing image analysis on medical DICOM images. The problem I am having is that once you manipulate a DICOM image (for example, 'make montage' from a stack), the resulting image loses its DICOM header information. This is very frustrating as I would really like to integrate this image with our imaging scanners and DICOM workstations.

I have tried using the TUDOR DICOM plugin to save as DICOM. Even though ImageJ then recognises the file as a DICOM image, our commercial DICOM workstations do not (probably because the DICOM header information is lost).

I wonder if anybody has written a plugin that can copy the DICOM header information from one image to another (character for character)? Therefore, the DICOM header information from the raw data from the imaging scanner could be copied to the processed image. Better still, is there a way to carry the DICOM header information forward so it is not lost through the processing?

I am aware of the 'DICOM Rewriter' plugin from the 'Nuclear Medicine Plugin Collection' but this doesn't do the job.

Any help or advice on or off list would be greatly appreciated.


[hidden email]

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