Histogram YMax stuck on auto

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Histogram YMax stuck on auto

Fred Damen

newImage("Untitled", "32-bit noise", 256, 256, 1);
run("Histogram", "bins=256 use x_min=-4.28 x_max=4.80 y_max=auto");
run("Histogram", "bins=256 use x_min=-4.28 x_max=4.80 y_max=2000");
run("Histogram", "bins=256 x_min=-5 x_max=5 y_max=2000");

The scaling on the Y axis does not change to 0-2000.

Thanks in advance,


Bonus question:  Should there be anything that you can do to / or with an
ROI to get the interactive display of the cursor information on the IJ
window to not display?  I checked the properties of the ROI
Image>Selection>Properties... and measured the Center of mass and centroid
and bounds of ROI, and then every window I put the ROI in stops the
interactive summary of the cursor particulars. As I could easily delete
and recreate the ROI and the problem disappeared I did not pursue...

Bonus question 2: Is there a way to interactively get the measurements of
a calibrated ImagePlus in non-calibrated units, i.e., x,y values in units
of number of voxels from origin?

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