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OBEID Patricia 154904
I work on understanding the mechanisms of cancerization. For this I use cell lines that have or not the ability to form functional 3D structures, the acini. Non-functional structures are called tumoroids.
During my tests I am compelled to calculate the percentage of acini. For this, I wrote a macro to have the total number of 3D structures but I have to manually count the acini because I have not found any way to discriminate them via software.
That's why I'm asking you today. Maybe you have some leads to tell me.
I enclose a photo of acinus, a photo of tumoroide and a typical image that I must analyze (brightfield).
In contrast to tumoroids, acini are partially or totally hollow structures (such as a ball).
I thank you for any help you can bring me.
Patricia OBEÏD
Animateur Informatique Biomics
CEA Grenoble
DRF /IRIG/DS /BGE U1038/ Biomics / Bât 4020
17 rue des Martyrs
38054 GRENOBLE Cedex 9

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