Fiji opens several instances of each image

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Fiji opens several instances of each image

Stephan Collins

I have a problem that seems specific to one computer, a virtual machine
running windows server.
When I double click on a tiff file, two images open via fiji (latest
build). It the same image, one within a window which has a Fiji icon in the
top left corner and another identical one which has a java icon instead.
There was a thread on this subject a couple of years ago but which has not
helped me to solved the problem yet.
Does anyone knows this problem and how to solve it ?

thanks to you all

Dr Stephan Collins
MCF - lecturer

Université de Bourgogne
6 Boulevard Gabriel, 21000 Dijon

room 3014
1 Rue Laurent Fries, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden

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