FW: Analysis of blood vessel changes - frequency/amplitude

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FW: Analysis of blood vessel changes - frequency/amplitude

Jacqueline Ross
Hi everyone,

Reposting this message as it was rejected, maybe because of the .csv file so please email me if you want to have a look at that file.

Kind regards,


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Subject: Analysis of blood vessel changes - frequency/amplitude

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to assist someone who is acquiring images of vessels contracting and he wants to get the frequency and amplitude information.

I've had a bit of a look around but this is different from the usual data that I work with and I haven't had a lot of success in analysing the data other than using the Time Series Analyzer where I can get a time trace but am not sure how to extract the frequency from that.

I've attached a JPEG from the data set as an example and the time trace for which I have the .csv data also attached. It's the blue vessels that are of interest.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Kind regards,


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