FIJI and IMAGEJ for Inkjet jetting and image analysis

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FIJI and IMAGEJ for Inkjet jetting and image analysis
I would like to use FIJI/ImageJ to analyse droplet patterns emerging
from an inkjet printhead, and determine whether nozzles are missing or

The image below is one that I am analysing:

The dark areas are where jets are missing. The light areas are streams
of droplets, sometimes these streams are not parallel to the vertical,
and they should be

I would also like to look at print samples and determine whether or not
dots are landing on the media where they should be.

A typical image looks like this:
Each short horizontal line in stair-steps is one nozzle printing.
I would like to know whether the nozzles are missing, or whether there
is a deflection in the X axis or Y axis per nozzle.

Lastly I would like to analyse the following image  for image intensity
As you may see, there is a lighter shade in the middle.

My question is whether IMAGEJ and FIJI are suitable tools for carrying
the analysis in the three cases.
If readers this they are, would you be interested in helping me with my
analysis, for a professional fee ?

Kind regards,

Philip Keenan (柯楠·菲利普) CEng
                                  Camscience Ltd

                         Mob: 0750 304 3000
                       Office: 01223 78 2311
                      [hidden email]

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