Determining direction of Y axis

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Determining direction of Y axis

Stein Rørvik
I need to reverse the direction of the Y coordinates in some images.

I do not want to use the "Invert Y coordinates" in the "Set Measurements" command,
because that is a global setting and I only want to do this for some specific images.
Also, the setting must be saved with the image to get correct results in later measurements.

I found that I can do what I want using the Coordinates... command.
The coordinates are handled correctly and the info is saved with the image.

run("Blobs (25K)");
run("Coordinates...", "left=0 right=256 top=254 bottom=0");

If I use Show Info... it correctly shows the altered origin and says Y is inverted.

run("Show Info...");
... Coordinate origin:  0,254
... Inverted y coordinates

My question is, how can I read the "Inverted y coordinates" property in the macro language?
We seem to be missing an

is("Inverted Y")

or perhaps better



Also, it would be neat to be able to turn this Invert Y property on and off for an image,
apart from calculating the scaled coordinates of the corners and using the run("Coordinates..." command.
This could be implemented by an

setOption("InvertedY", boolean)



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