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DCAM support/camera experiences

Dear Imagers,

Is NIH-Image/Object Image able to support firewire cameras that are
'DCAM' compliant? As a replacement for a Cohu 4913 (analog CCD,
768x576, 8-bit) with frame grabber, I've been quoted a digital cohu
7712 1kx1k camera which has DCAM specs, but could not find any 'DCAM
specs' reference to in connection with ImageJ or evenNIH/Object Image
for that matter.

Actually, I'd be interested in recommendations or user experiences on
FireWire monochrome cameras for density measurements. Minimum need
are mac os x support, firewire as mentioned, 8-bit or better, 768x576
or better resolution, c-mount, real time or near real time preview
for focusing and image selection. No fancy cooled cam, no long-time
integration, we have plenty of light. It just needs to be linear, so
AGC switch-off has to be available. Amongst the candidates are the
cohu mentioned above and the Scion CFW series firewire cameras.
Looking forward to your expert opinions and experiences.

Ard Jonker                         |Academic Medical Centre
Dept of Cell Biology and Histology |Meibergdreef 15 M3-106
Faculty of Medicine                |1105 AZ Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam            |The Netherlands
tel +31 20 566 4979                |fax +31 20 697 4156