Confocal Data For Geometric Morphometric Analysis

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Confocal Data For Geometric Morphometric Analysis

Chris Rhodes

Geometric morphometrics involves analysis of shape changes based upon data
from homologous landmarks (corresponding anatomical points from specimens).
I therefore need to obtain the 3D coordinates of specific parts of the image
in the most efficient manner possible.

I've seen discussion of saving X,Y coordinates in the archive, but I need to
save X,Y,Z coordinates if possible.

I have looked at the program, but I might well be missing something that is
obvious to the experienced user.

I have already used the BLJ plugin for volume/surface rendering of Z-stacks
".lsm" files in 3D. I now need to be able to collect quantitative data from
the file.

Thank You


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>Hello Chris,

         Re your posting to ImageJ list, perhaps you should be more explicit
about the type of measurements/data you wish to extract and the type of

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What is the best way to collect 3D landmark data from Z-stacks?

I want to collect data using a Zeiss confocal laser scanning microscope,
which produces ".lsm" files, and perform 3D geometric morphometrics on it.

Please let me know if other software could enhance this process.

Chris Rhodes