Calculating B-Gal Staining Cells

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Calculating B-Gal Staining Cells

Anton R
Hi All,

I would like to ask how to calculate B-Galactosidase stained cells by using imageJ. As I am new with this software, I face difficulties when using it. Moreover, the characteristic of green-blue color cell is not homogenous in one picture. Hence, I need your help:
i.  Are these steps correct:
substract threshold-->run color deconvolution--> determine the ROI.
However, the cell color based on ROI is different with the original photo. If there are 3  pictures provided by ROI vector matrix, which one should I use to calculate the staining cells?
ii. How to calculate the staining cells, can it be analyzed directly from one of the ROI Vector matrix with "analyze particle"?

Thank you.



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