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Betr.: Re: Keyboard Shortcuts to Macros

Kaitlin Keim
Hi Wayne,
I've seen the documentation, and the section on macros reccommends the
following syntax:

 macro "Macro 1 [a]" {
        print("The user pressed 'a'");

Do you simply enter this text in the top of the macro file? When I do this,
it doesn't call the macro when I hit the shortcut key.


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> I would like to create a keyboard shortcut that will run a
> macro  I have  written.  I'm sure this is a simple process,
> but I'm  having difficulty figuring it out.  Suggestions?

There is online documentation at

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Properties settings

Bill Mohler
Any way to make the properties for a newly opened stack always be
"blank" units, and "blank" pixels per unit?

If I drag in an undefined tif stack, it always defaults to 72 pixels per inch.


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