Batch Processing For Color Profiler, Multiple ROI's per image

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Batch Processing For Color Profiler, Multiple ROI's per image


I'm trying to run batch processing of RGB images with the color profile
All my Images are saved in a folder, separated by names of treatments which
were applied to them.
I'd like to take Color profiles of 30 or more lines per image.
I'd like to save the LIST VALUES ( not the results values that pop up) in an
excel sheet without interpolation. So I don't want the line profiles in each
image to be averaged.
I'd like to then export the list values from all of the individual lines
from each image into one excel file, hopefully organized by folder name or
treatment type.

All I have so far is the following, which does not work in the least.

run("Properties...", "channels=1 slices=1 frames=1 unit=ยต
pixel_width=352.7785 pixel_height=352.7785 voxel_depth=1"); //this sets the
scale which hopefullly will appear in the list values
  <<warning: the options string contains one or more non-ascii characters>>
open("NAME OF MY FILE");
run("Color Profiler")

Any help appreciated, thank you very much!:)

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