Anouncing "Extended version of plugin Easy_PowerSpectrum"

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Anouncing "Extended version of plugin Easy_PowerSpectrum"

Dear IJ-listers,

a substantially extended version of the ImageJ-plugin
"Easy_PowerSpectrum" can now be downloaded from:

The new set of functionalities is described as:
"Magnitudes and frequencies of dominent spectral components can now
be reported."

"With option “Report Dominant Peaks”, that requires mean-reduction, up
to 20 spectral peaks in the upper 67% power range of a spectrum are
detected. Their absolute and relative magnitudes, radial frequencies and
corresponding spatial periods are tabulated.
Numeric formats of the table data :
    Spatial periods are in pixels or in corresponding units, if images
have a set scale.
    Angles are in degrees and refer to the orientations of the basis
functions, starting horizontally
    and increasing counter-clockwise.
    Radial frequencies are in 1/pixels or in 1/(corresponding units), if
images have a set scale.
    Percent radial frequencies refer to the Nyquist-frequency (the
highest possible frequency).
Overlayed to the power spectrum are markers of the peak positions and
the frame of analysis.
(For symmetry reasons both are restricted to the left half-plane.)"

The whole functionality of the plugin is described in the ReadMe-file:

Best regards


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