Anouncing plugin "Easy_EdgeTrace"

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Anouncing plugin "Easy_EdgeTrace"

Dear IJ-listers,

a new macro-recordable plugin of the easy-series can be downloaded from:

-- "Easy EdgeTrace" traces roughly horizontal, contrast-defined edges
and overlays the resulting line traces to the image.
-- "Easy EdgeTrace" comes with the plugin “vertical TraceDistances” that
analyzes the gap between pairs of such line traces.

Its potential use is perhaps best illustrated by a compilation of examples:

Please note that principally such edge traces can also be obtained by
mean-filtering of the image followed by a suitable threshold. Then, the
proper selection of the object of interest and the binary contour
generation are needed.
This applies only for the default edge tracing method. For the more
advanced approach, no direct analogue can be given. For a comparison of
both methods see:

In any case, the preview function of "Easy EdgeTrace" allows the
convenient adjustment of the tracing condition in a single step.

Best regards


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