Announcement: Digital Image Analysis with ImageJ Workshop October 3-5

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Announcement: Digital Image Analysis with ImageJ Workshop October 3-5

Lai Ding-2
Dear Everyone,

The NeuroTechnology Studio at BWH will host a 3-day ImageJ workshop in October 2018. Detailed information is below.
Digital Image Analysis with ImageJ
October 3rd -5th    2018

This intensive 3-day workshop taught by Dr. Lai Ding, Senior Imaging Scientist of the NeuroTechnology Studio, introduces ImageJ, its basic functions, and its macro programming capabilities. Using real imaging projects, Dr. Ding will demonstrate common image analysis tasks such as basic image processing, stack alignment, cell counting and measurement. Macro writing will be covered to demonstrate how to automate a series of ImageJ commands, to process massive datasets automatically and to store results as desired.

To register, please complete the online registration form by clicking

The workshop is broken down into three sessions. Interested participants can sign up for one or more sessions depending on their interest and experience. See tentative schedule below.
If you are interested in this workshop but unable to join this time, please also let us know (email [hidden email]) if you may be able to join the same workshop in the coming months. We MAY host another identical workshop in near future based on the interests shown.
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Program Schedule:
Session I (October 3rd) ImageJ for beginners: basic ImageJ functions, measurement, filtering, background subtraction, cell counting, particle analysis, and ethics on image processing.

Session II (October 4th ) Advanced ImageJ: morphology filter, thresholding methods, using ImageJ on FRAP, colocalization analysis and wound assay, working with plugins, designing image analysis protocols.

Session III (October 5th ) ImageJ Macro Programming: introduce ImageJ macro programming language, record image process protocols as macro, batch process multiple images, user interactive features in macro, case study with sample codes. This session is aimed towards the non-programmer, however we do expect the participant to have a basic idea of programming flow control syntax ("for" loop, "if-else" control). The participants are strongly encouraged to go through a brief tutorial on the ImageJ official website before the workshop.

Workshop Location:
Countway Library Computer Classroom
Harvard Medical School
10 Shattuck St.
Boston, MA 02115
For further information please contact: Lai Ding at [hidden email]  

Best Regards
Lai Ding

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