Active contour plugin - using only one ROI

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Active contour plugin - using only one ROI

Tomislav Smolčić
Hello everyone,

I have a question about the Active contour (Snake) plugin (

I'm using it for fine segmentation on images of histological section. I create a stack of images with approximate selection of ROIs (usually only one ROI per slice) after which I want to use Snake plugin to refine the selection.

The plugin itself does a great job, however if there are multiple ROIs in the ROI Manager, the plugin will repeat the same procedure on each image with every ROI and the final result is an image with overlapping contours. Is there a way to make it so it uses only one ROI per image?


Kind regards,

Tomislav Smolčić
Laboratory for Regenerative Neuroscience

Croatian Institute for Brain Research
University of Zagreb, School of Medicine
Šalata 12, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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