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A decent IDE to write macro

Dear users,

I have recently been writing a macro for ImageJ in BeanShell, an I was
wondering if there is any decent IDE for the ImageJ library. I wouldn't mind
changing to Javascript or to Groovy as far as I could get a list of the
available functions and the required inputs in the functions as it happens
in Rstudio or PyCharm. I think that functionality will clearly boost the
ability of anyone to write a macro. In essence, when someone releases a new
plug-in, it works like a new package for R or Python. The documentation of
many of these packages are available in
https://imagej.nih.gov/ij/developer/api/index.html but I don't know how to
make it dynamically accessible from the IDE.

I have tried to use ImageJ as a library in IntelliJ but fail miserably as it
is not designed for scripting languages such as Groovy, Javascript or
Beanshell. I will really appreciate any help.

Kind regards,

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Re: A decent IDE to write macro

If you don't hesitate working with Eclipse I developed a ImageJ macro editor
plugin which can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace store:


Github repository:


Here a video which shows the debugging of a macro:


If you want to work with Groovy (Jython,JavaScript) or a Java editor (JDT)
with ImageJ API code completion you can download Bio7 which integrates JDT
and the aforementioned macro editor plugin (an advanced R editor by the way,


Bio7 Overview:


You can compile and test ImageJ Java plugins on the fly (dynamic in process
compilation) or install an advanced
Groovy plugin (Bio7 comes with some simple default editors) which also has
access to the ImageJ API for code completion.

Groovy plugin:


Update site:


I tested several other Eclipse editors (JavaScript, Pydev). However until
now the Groovy editor plugin offers the complete code completion toolchain
of JDT.

Here as an example a video how to use ImageJ with a Eclipse JavaScript
editor in Bio7:


The Groovy plugin (or other Eclipse editors) work similar.

My opinion to BeanShell: BeanShell very popular in the past is a little bit
outdated and I would prefer Groovy instead which also offers Java code

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