3D segmentation & volume rendering

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3D segmentation & volume rendering


I have some issues with segmenting & volume rendering of areas in my image
stack. I have tried several ways:

- the Interactive 3D Segmentation plug-in: it only imports a few images of
the stack if I ask to import the complete stack (20 images), so I can't
create a nice 3D segmentation this way.
- segmentation with Segmentation Editor, followed by Create surfaces: the
output of the segmentation editor is a 8-bit color file, but the Create
Surfaces plug-in does not recognize it as such. I've also tried to create
binary images and then use the Create Surfaces plug-in, but that leaves my
pc running out of memory, so I guess this is not the way to go..

Should these plug-ins still be working properly, do you think I'm doing
something wrong or is there already an alternative I am missing?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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