3D object counter for hyperstacks?

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3D object counter for hyperstacks?

Thomas Suchyna
I'm trying to measure the change in nuclear surface area over time. I have a hyperstack with 6 sections (3 um thick) at each time point, with 30 time points. I can then generate the binary hyperstack with the nuclear cross sectional area in each section. I then use the 3D object counter to calculate the surface area of the nucleus at each time point. But each time point has to be a single stack.

Currently I have to save the stack representing each time point as a separate file in a folder, and then run the 3D object counter as a batch macro on the folder. Problem is it generates a separate statistics window for each file in the folder. I have to then copy and paste the data from each window into a spread sheet.

Is there a way to get 3D object counter to work on a hyperstack and return the statistics for each time point in one window, or alternatively, to get 3D object counter in a batch macro to return the statistics from all files in a folder to a single window?



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