32 Bit floating point gray image

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32 Bit floating point gray image

Mahesh Kakuturu
Hi All,

I am trying to implement 32 bit floating point gray scale image from
Micro-Manager where 1.48V of ImageJ integrated for my AFM data. Our DAC has
24 bit values. If I use 16 bit gray scale image type, I am loosing the
precision and accuracy of our instrument. So, I need to create 32 bit image.
I was mostly successful in this process but having some final difficulties
in seeing the image.
It all looks black. My color pixel values are displaying from 0 to 2^32
which is correct. I am inputting buffer pixels as 0 to 1.0 floating point
values. Is there anything I need to change or modify to see my data as a
visible image instead of whole black image.

I also noticed that there is no implementation of histograms for
FloatingProcessor in ImageJ source code. You guys has anything implemented
in later versions of ImageJ or left that functionality.

Please give me an advice about what I am doing wrong in seeing the 32bit

Best Regards,
Mahesh Kakuturu
Sr. Software Engineer
Angstrom Science, Inc.

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